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Rapid Recovery Breast Techniques Blog Question

I was asked about Rapid Recovery Breast Techniques and if they really work or not. I would love if any of my patients that read this blog would like to comment on this. The question and thread is located on a site where I answer questions.

When ladies are looking for a breast implant surgeon in New Jersey to perform their surgery they need to educate themselves about the differences between surgeons. Often there are many differences. It isn’t about a glossy advertisement in a magazine. It’s about results. Rapid recovery techniques allow for a quicker recovery from breast augmentation and is a real thing. It is not a marketing gimmick but rather real differences such as surgical technique, surgical instrumentation, the anesthesia medications chosen and the anesthesiologist delivering the anesthesia. Even the focus of the nursing staff and office assistants understanding the procedures and recovery is important. Do you believe that a nurse at a random hospital or surgical center who has never seen a breast augmentation and is used to taking care of patients getting their gallbladders out and hernias repaired offers the same care as a nurse who only assists with cosmetic surgery patients? Even these little details matter.

Rapid recovery from breast augmentation is a reality in New Jersey.