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Breast Reduction

While many people still believe that bigger is always better, women with very large breasts know that there’s a limit to this logic. You can increase your comfort and enhance your look with breast reduction surgery.

In New Jersey, women turn to Dr. Sorokin’s practice at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery to learn more about this procedure and weigh the pros and cons of breast reduction so they can make an informed decision.

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Dr. Sorokin’s breast reduction technique is about more than just making your breasts smaller. This surgery also creates breasts that are lighter, firmer, and elevated to a more youthful position for both an improved breast look and feel. Dr. Sorokin focuses his practice on breast and body contouring and enjoys not only helping ladies improve their breast shape and size with breast reduction but also believes this procedure can help improve quality of life!

Many women who choose a reduction find that they have a greater sense of freedom, enjoying exercises and other activities that in the past caused too much discomfort. Then there are the increased clothing options – for some women, even being able to shop for “normal,” sexier bras is a revelation.

It’s time to learn more about how breast reduction can improve your looks and your life. Request a consultation with Dr. Sorokin to get started.

Improvements from Breast Reduction

When considering a reduction, women with uncomfortably large breasts are interested in learning more about how this surgery can enhance their looks, increase comfort, and help them enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, many of Dr. Sorokin’s breast reduction patients come to Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery concerned about:

  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Premature sagging
  • Discomfort when exercising
  • A disproportionate or “top heavy” body shape
  • Unwelcome stares and awkwardness
  • Painful bra strap marks and rashes

Women with large breasts select breast reduction to improve their body image and emotional well-being. After a surgery that takes a few hours and a recovery period that generally takes a few weeks, women are able to enjoy breasts that are a better fit for their body and their lifestyle.

Insurance Coverage for Surgery

Insurance companies have become more and more difficult over the years when dealing with surgeries like this. They require vast amounts of documentation in order to even qualify for these procedures. Often they demand documentation from other physicians, chiropractors, and evidence of treatment for pain and rashes and even when given this documentation, refuse to cover the procedure. Even when they do agree to cover the costs of surgery, they agree to pay at rates far less than what most plastic surgeons feel is reasonable reimbursement for this surgery. For these reasons amongst other reasons, Dr. Sorokin has decided not to participate with commercial insurance companies. We charge up front as we do for any elective procedure and then patients can obtain potential reimbursement from their insurance company. While we are happy to assist with paperwork for insurance claim submission, patients must understand that we are out-of-network, and even with out-of-network benefits, they will likely be subject to copays and deductibles. We are happy to discuss this with you in person during a consultation but also want to be very upfront that if you are looking for full insurance coverage of breast reduction surgery, it will be better for you to check with your insurance carrier for in-network surgeons. We tell you this not to discourage you from coming to see us but rather in the interest of full and fair disclosure.

Your Breast Reduction Surgery

The procedure begins with a carefully placed incision that circles the areola and drops down to where the breast connects to the chest wall (in anatomy, known as the inframammary fold). Through these incision, Dr. Sorokin is able to remove excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin. Often an additional incision in the crease is needed and these combinations of incisions are often known as the anchor type incision. He then repositions the nipple and areola and closes the incision to give the breasts a tightened and lifted look. He does not believe in liposuction alone for breast reduction as this will make the breast smaller but will make the breast sag unappealingly.

Variations on this technique may be used depending on your breast anatomy and your cosmetic goals. Dr. Sorokin will discuss your breast reduction surgery options to create your desired breast size and position. A reduction can eliminate both the physical and emotional pain that are so often a part of having overly large breasts.

You can change your look and your life with breast reduction surgery. Request a consultation at the office of Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to discuss your options in detail, or call to set up an appointment.