Meet Our Staff

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Evan Sorokin leads the hardworking team at New Jersey’s Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery. Recognized throughout the country for his exceptional skill and patient care, Dr. Sorokin holds his employees to comparable standards. He’s chosen each of his staff members based on their breadth of professional experience and level of personalized, attentive care. Their passion for the practice and our patients is evident in everything they do.

To speak with one of our wonderful staff members about your plastic surgery options, request a consultation at our office in Cherry Hill or call 856-797-0202.

Dr. Sorokin chose his plastic surgery team with the patient experience in mind. The staff of Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery have a deep understanding of all stages of the surgical process.

Our friendly and courteous front desk staff includes Christina, Brittany, Jamie and Alese. They consistently greet patients with smiles and are eager to help out in any way they can. From scheduling appointments and answering questions to guiding patients through preoperative testing and postoperative recovery, our front desk staff is the “face” of our practice.

Marla, Jenn, Holly, and Kathleen are the registered nurses who ensure that each plastic surgery procedure is performed safely and comfortably. Alisha, our surgical facility administrator and patient coordinator has been with Dr. Sorokin for over a dozen years and is an invaluable resource to our patients.  Melody is our office manager and first started with Dr. Sorokin back in our original office in 2004.

Alisha and Ashlee are surgical technologists that assist Dr. Sorokin in the operating room. They are very important to patients and have each performed thousands of surgeries with Dr. Sorokin. In addition, since both Alisha and Ashlee get to know our plastic surgery patients in advance of the surgery date, they are familiar faces in the operating room on the day of surgery. Christine is our medical assistant here to help with injectables and postoperative recovery!

Our anesthesia staff are board certified anesthesiologists based out of Virtua Hospital. They bring their knowledge of critical care from the hospital but also share an enthusiasm and experience with plastic surgery patients. Dr. Frank Knoll, Dr. Kathleen Morgan, Dr. Michael Pascarella, Dr. Rajiv Lingaraju, and Dr. Ryan Santos take turns rotating through our AAAASF operating room. These board certified anesthesiologists are based out of Virtua Hospital in Voorhees and Marlton and when not on-call overnight at the hospital provide excellent care for our patients. They understand the specific needs of a patient undergoing elective cosmetic procedures and are a key part of our surgical experience.

For skincare, nobody can beat Alese Kern’s love of skincare or enthusiasm!  She is licensed in skincare by the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and has a loyal client following. She will help you develop skincare treatment plans including products for home!

Whether it’s an involved surgery or a minor treatment, your experience with Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery starts when you contact us using our online form or by phone at 856-797-0202. Our office staff answers your questions and helps you schedule your first consultation.

During your consultation, you and New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Sorokin discuss your motivations for your surgery, as well as your medical history and other relevant information. Along with Alisha, his director of surgical services, Dr. Sorokin performs a physical examination to evaluate different factors and to determine your candidacy for your chosen procedures. Our staff may also take photos and measurements to add to your file. A patient coordinator then explains the preoperative process, including required tests, costs, financing options, and scheduling.

Dr. Sorokin’s nursing staff is present on the day of your surgery and helps you both before and after the procedure. At your follow-up appointments, Dr. Sorokin, Marla, and Ashlee will monitor your healing process.  Recovery from plastic surgery is more than what is shown on Hollywood shows.  Surgery requires recovery, which is far from glamorous.  Not only do we guide you through this process explaining what to expect and what is normal but we also are here to give support through this period.  Patients these days love to seek information on the internet about questions or concerns however Dr. Sorokin and our staff will be here to help get you through this many week process through in office appointments, and telephone or email contact.

At Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery, a good surgical outcome is truly a team effort. When the members of our staff work together as one capable unit, beautiful results inevitably follow.


ALISHA - Director of Surgical Services

Alisha is the Office Manager/Patient Liaison for our plastic surgery office. She started in 2004 at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery as a scrub tech to assist Dr. Sorokin with patients and scrubbing cases in the operating room. She has over 15 years experience watching over 20,000+ patients and knows the practice from the top to the bottom. Because of Alisha’s extensive knowledge as it pertains to Dr. Sorokin’s practice and surgical techniques, she makes an excellent office manager who is able to help Dr. Sorokin with his patients. She coordinates office schedules, oversees our patient flow, and works with patients from the day they arrive for their initial consultation, to the day they are discharged from care. She strives to make every patient experience smooth and successful.


MELODY - Office Manager

Melody joined Dr. Sorokin’s practice in 2004 when we had our original office in Marlton, New Jersey.  Over the years she helped the practice grow and develop in many ways.  She is loved by our patients for her warmth, honesty, compassion, and friendly smile.  She is loved by Dr. Sorokin for her diligence, fastidiousness, and dedication.  Melody is often a primary contact at the office, answering calls and emails, helping to arrange consultations, scheduling surgeries, and leading the front desk staff.


MARLA - Director of Nursing and Nurse Injector

Marla is our Surgical Center Director of Nursing.  In charge of nursing schedules and coordination, our R.N., Marla, is a huge asset to our practice. She oversees the quality control and quality assurance programs for our surgical center and works with the AAAASF for accreditation requirements and for New Jersey State Licensing. Marla maintains all of its credentials and certifications.   She also serves as a registered nurse helping in the operating room and recovery rooms, as well as assists in patient care, both pre and postoperatively.  In addition, Marla is a nurse injector who enjoys injecting Botox and Fillers and performing procedures such as Laser Hair Removal.  She has a patient following independent of Dr. Sorokin who loves her for her natural and artistic results!


ASHLEE - Scrub Technician

Ashlee is a certified Scrub Technician (and also a certified sterile supply technician) that has been with Dr. Sorokin for 10 years. She is in the operating room as his scrub assistant for most of his surgical cases. She stands by Dr. Sorokin’s side during surgery and is the first person to hand him his scalpel at the beginning of each surgical case, and continues to be right there as he sutures his patients and applies the final dressings. Having a private scrub is a great asset to a plastic surgeon. Ashlee knows each one of Dr. Sorokin’s surgical cases inside and out and having done thousands of surgeries with him provides an extra set of eyes, hands, and a valued opinion in the operating room.


JENN - Registered Nurse

Jenn has been a nurse for Dr. Sorokin for more than 10 years. Prior to coming to Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery, she worked at Cooper University Hospital in the ER and critical care. She now is in charge of our Recovery Room assisting and caring for patients as they come out of surgery. Jenn is a caring, reassuring registered nurse (R.N.) who is both BLS and ACLS certified and makes assure your recovery is both safe and comfortable.


HOLLY - Registered Nurse

Holly is one of our Operating Room Nurses that has been been with the practice since 2010.   She serves multiple roles including operating room nurse, recovery room nurse, and preoperative nurse depending on staffing needs.  When not working with us she works as an Emergency Room nurse at a local hospital.  Dr. Sorokin loves Holly not only for her friendly personality but also for her incredible nursing skills.


JAMIE - Receptionist

Jamie is one of our front desk reception staff.   She also manages Brilliant Distinctions, Allergan’s Rewards Program for our patients.  She is friendly point of contact on the telephone and checking in and out patients in the office.


CHRISTINA - Receptionist

Christine answers the phone with a smile that you can hear in her voice!   She greets patients and welcomes them to the practice for their appointments and guides them through our practice offerings.  Patients appreciate her friendliness and warmth!


CHRISTINE - Medical Technician

Christine is a medical technician that helps Dr. Sorokin with procedures as well as helping patients preoperatively and postoperatively.  She helps to prepare and maintain rooms, equipment, and supplies for patient care.  She assists during injectable and laser treatments and guides patients on what to expect and how to take care of themselves as they heal.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, and loved by both patients and other staff!


Alese - Aesthetician

Alese is our aesthetician.   She performs facials, microdermabrasion, hydrafacials, chemical peels, mirapeels, and other wonderful facial rejuvenation procedures. A graduate of Rizzieri Skincare she has taken her education to the next level with constant continuing education as skincare is not only a career for her, but a passion!  She has in depth knowledge of the products that we offer and her goal is to help make every client’s skin the best that it can be!   She is also trained in CoolSculpting, CoolTone, and EmSculpt and helps patients with these body contouring treatments!  She is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and treats patients in both Philadelphia and Cherry Hill.


CAROLYN - Receptionist

Caroline is relatively new to Delaware Valley Plastic surgery but we already love her!  She is smart, witty, and has a great outgoing personality that staff and patients have embraced.