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Philadelphia Emsculpt machine

Build muscle, burn fat. No surgery, no downtime.

Tone, contour and lift without surgery, needles, or sweat. Emsculpt reduces fat, but more importantly, it builds muscle! Emsculpt is the first FDA-approved device for toning your core without sweat or exercise. To tone your abdomen, reduce fat around your flanks, or enhance the shape of your butt, request a consultation today. If you are in Philadelphia, we also have Emsculpt in our downtown Philadelphia office.

Emsculpt ab treatmentWhat Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasvise procedure for building muscle and burning fat. High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) causes muscles to contract in the treatment area. The muscle contractions build the muscle, like exercise, and burn fat. The abdomen, butt and flank muscles can be toned and local fat deposits reduced without surgery or downtime.

Build Muscle without Surgery

The contractions Emsculpt causes are more intense than typical workout contractions – Emsculpt induces supramaximal contractions which burn fat and remodels the inner structure of the muscle, creating muscle density and tone. And it can even help with muscle repair! Patients have found it effective for the repair of diastasis recti, or muscle separation in the abdomen.

Emsculpt butt toningWhat to Expect During an Emsculpt Treatment

While targeted muscles are contracting, you’ll be lying down. There’s no sweating involved, but your muscles are getting a workout during the half-hour treatment. There is no heating, cooling, ionizing or needles, just results. Request a consultation today.

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