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Protect your Skin this Summer!

Happy Memorial Day! To all of my New Jersey plastic surgery patients I ask, as you head to the shore, did you know that May is skin cancer prevention month! Are you protecting your skin?! SPF is all about skin protection! Sun and spf protection is vital not only for cancer prevention but also for vibrant healthy-looking skin.

First of all, why do you need it? What is the reason? Doesn’t a tan look “healthy?” Truth is that tanning both outside at a salon ages the skin and leads to skin conditions such as aging skin as well as skin cancer.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer with over 2 million Americans are diagnosed yearly with over 90% of the skin cancers associated with sun exposure and UV radiation. The scariest skin cancer, Melanoma, has over 100,000 new victims each year. Screening with your dermatologist is a must!

Here are some tips:
– Use sunscreen every day
– Use hats and long sleeves when outside
– Protect your skin by going in the shade as much as possible
– Do not use the cancer bed, I mean, tanning bed….

Next time you are in the office speak with me or with Darla (my wonderful aesthetician) about treatments such as peels and laser resurfacing to remove harm that has already been done to your skin! Ask about the QUALITY sunscreen products that we have in stock for your protection!

Be careful out there!