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For age-related volume loss, for longer results

Sculptra is an injectable that restores youthful facial volume and offers longer-lasting results over other injectable fillers. Sculptra is also a good option for patients with deeper wrinkles and lines. Sculptra is not really a filler but more of a collagen stimulator.  When injected it causes inflammation which leads to new collagen formation.

Convenient locations for Sculptra treatments in Cherry Hill

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sorokin offers Sculptra treatments in Cherry Hill, NJ. Patients can receive treatment at their convenience. Patients can also visit the office for surgical consultations.

A treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. Dr. Sorokin will start by determining the best dosage and injection sites for the patient. To minimize discomfort, patients will be given a local anesthetic on the treated areas before the Sculptra is injected into the selected points of the face through a syringe. Most patients only feel a small prick from the needle, but a topical anesthetic or numbing cream can be added if it is needed. It works well on areas of the face, like chin wrinkles, lines around the mouth, and other deep lines around the nose and mouth. Most patients will need 2-3 injections over the course of a few months to see their best results.

Patients should expect mild swelling and redness for a short time after the injections, but they will be able to resume light activities. However, exercise should be avoided for at least a few hours. Dr. Sorokin will give post-treatment instructions that will help the patient achieve the best and most lasting effects. Results take a few weeks to appear, but patients will have a restored and youthful face.

One treatment will usually cost between $800 and $1,600. The cost will be based on the dosage and amount of Sculptra that is used during the treatment. Dr. Sorokin recommends 2-3 treatments with 1-2 months in between treatment to achieve the best results.

In the patient with significant volume loss of the face due to age or weight loss, Sculptra can give a dramatic amount of volumization.

The recovery for Sculptra is much more significant than for Juvederm. Patients need to expect at least a week of swelling after injection that can be profound. Furthermore it takes 2 or 3 treatments spaced at least a month apart to obtain a result, unlike Juvederm or Restylane which provide instantaneous results.

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