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Raise and reshape. Restore youthfulness.

A breast lift may be the right procedure for you if you’ve noticed your breasts don’t look as full and firm as they once did. When it’s time to take action and improve the look of your breasts, request a consultation with Dr. Sorokin to get started.

Women who have breasts that have begun to sag or lose shape often choose a breast lift. Plastic surgeon Dr. Evan Sorokin offers this procedure known as mastopexy in his AAAASF surgical center.

Often, the women Dr. Sorokin sees aren’t quite sure about the exact procedure they need for breast enhancement. Many hope that a breast implant will solve the problem when in fact they need a lift to restore shape to the breast. Some will need a lift, others need breast augmentation, while still others need a combined procedure for a fully revitalized breast appearance.

A breast lift does just what it says: elevates the breasts to a more youthful position. But the procedure also reshapes the breasts for a more attractive look. The tradeoff of a lift are the incisions required in order to reshape the breast. Any incision leaves a scar and this idea is scary to many ladies. No surgeon can guarantee how each individual lady scars and it is important to understand the tradeoff. While scars fade over time, they never go away. This is important to understand, as some people believe they will go away with time. Dr. Sorokin understands the desire to avoid scars, however sometimes a lift is needed to fix overall shape. Dr. Sorokin is happy to share more information with women considering a breast lift.

A lift by itself does not create a larger breast size, but some women find that after this procedure they are better able to fill out a bra or swimsuit. There are several different types of lifts and each type addresses a different degree of breast sag (ptosis). Patients who have minimal breast tissue often will need to combine their lift with breast augmentation.

During a breast lift, Dr. Sorokin makes careful incisions to remove excess skin, lift and tighten breast tissue, and relocate the nipple and areola to a higher position on the chest wall.

Breast lifts are not performed in the exact same way for every patient. Dr. Sorokin has experience in several breast lift techniques and will recommend a particular approach for you based on the way your breasts look currently. Some women are eligible for a minimal scar technique, which requires an incision only around the areola. This technique is used when the breasts have just begun to sag and only a minimal amount of lift is needed. There are several downsides to this procedure and since all of the tension is placed on the circular scar, very often they widen in time. Often this type of lift is not the best option, as if you can get away with this type of lift, maybe you don’t need one at all!

Many women will require a vertical incision in addition to the incision around the areola, known as the vertical mastopexy or lollipop type incision. This is a powerful procedure capable of significantly lifting breasts especially from sag related to modest weight loss or breast feeding. A small horizontal extension at the base of the vertical incision can often provide even more lift.

Women who require a more extensive lift will have incisions placed around the areola and down to the base of the breast, in a pattern commonly known as an anchor or “inverted T” incision. With more extensive incisions comes increased scarring, though most women find the scarring, which lightens over time, to be a welcome trade-off to regain a more youthful-looking breast shape.

More than one procedure can help you achieve breast enhancement. When you visit with Dr. Sorokin in New Jersey, you will receive a personal evaluation and professional recommendation about how breast surgery can meet your cosmetic needs.

Generally, women who choose a lift are satisfied by their breast size but are unhappy with sagging or the placement of their nipples on their breasts.

Women need breast implants if they are unhappy with breast size or fullness or have lost breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss.

For some women, breast augmentation can provide a lifting effect as it increases volume. With years of experience in private practice and training with some of the country’s most respected plastic surgeons, you can trust Dr. Sorokin’s professional opinion about the type of surgery that will meet your needs. His cosmetic surgery patients appreciate his dedication to achieving excellent results and focusing on their individual satisfaction.

You can change your look and your life with a breast lift. Request a consultation at the office of The Breast Doctor in New Jersey to discuss your options in detail, or call us at 856-797-0202 to set up an appointment. He has been honored to be named Top Doc for over 10 years by Philadelphia Magazine because of promises delivered.


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