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AAAASF Ambulatory Surgical Center

Surgical Center
AAAASF Certified, New Jersey licensed

About Our Facility

Just as important as providing you with an excellent cosmetic result is providing you with a safe and comfortable experience. Safety is often the biggest concern of our patients. Dr. Sorokin understands this and takes every step to make sure that every safety precaution is taken. Cosmetic Surgery Center of Southern New Jersey, LLC is an accredited ambulatory surgical facility which includes a fully-equipped operating room, as well as comfortable, monitored recovery areas. Connected to our Cherry Hill, New Jersey office, this facility is convenient and easily accessible to major highways. Our goal is to not only pamper you in luxury, but also ensure that safety is paramount when you trust us for cosmetic plastic surgery.

Your comfort, safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Request a consultation today or call to experience the high-quality, personal care we provide at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery yourself.