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Longer, lusher lashes

Latisse gives women eyelashes that are naturally longer, thicker, and darker. Isn’t it time to make yours a little more engaging?

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How Latisse works

It’s the little things that can make life easier and more enjoyable. With Latisse you can sleep, swim, or exercise and still have beautifully accented eyes without the bother of mascara smudging or running. It is available by prescription only but is not a pill; Latisse is a topical solution you apply to the base of your upper eyelashes.

Latisse has been found to enhance the eyelashes by enabling them to grow for a longer period of time and by increasing the number of eyelashes that grow at one time. Lashes reach greater lengths in greater numbers. Within about 4 weeks of use, your enhanced eyelashes will begin to emerge. By 16 weeks, all of your eyelashes will have completed a growth cycle and you will have reached your ultimate improvements.

Simple treatments

Latisse is so convenient because you perform your treatments once daily as part of your regular nighttime beauty routine. You simply place a drop in the special applicator and run it along the base of the upper eyelashes in the same way you apply eyeliner. It is not appropriate for use on the lower eyelashes.

As long as you continue your nightly treatments, your improvements will remain. If you discontinue Latisse, your lashes will gradually return to their original condition.