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Laser Hair Removal

There’s a better option than plucking, tweezing, and hair removal creams: laser hair removal in Philadelphia from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Evan Sorokin. This procedure can dramatically reduce the amount of hair on body areas such as your legs, bikini line, arms, and back. The best thing is we have a revolutionary laser that is pain free for hair removal!

Convenient locations for laser hair removal in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sorokin offers two locations for treatments: Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ. Patients can receive treatment in either location at their convenience. Patients can also visit either office for surgical consultations.

Laser hair removal treatments in Philadelphia are offered at his office in Head House Square.

To find out how more about removing unwanted hair almost anywhere on your body, request a consultation.

Hair Removal Options

Do you want truly painless laser hair removal? Dr. Sorokin owns one of the first MotusAX hair removal lasers in the country. This is a revolutionary machine that will change the hair removal industry. There are many types of lasers being used for hair removal in Philadelphia and south New Jersey. Diode lasers and true lasers are available. Dr. Sorokin has multiple hair removal lasers in the practice, the GentleMax by Candela and the MotusAX by DEKA. The nice thing about the new MotusAX laser is it is Alexandrite based which means it actually works and it has a new applicator which eliminates pain. Lots of lasers claim to be painless and in truth they still hurt quite a bit. This laser actually is painless! Another nice thing about the MotusAX is it can treat all skin types from dark to light! No other Alexandrite laser can do this!

Most patients will require 5 or 6 treatments to achieve maximum benefit. Some patients will require more, and anyone starting laser hair removal needs to know that some patients may require 10 or more treatments. It is unfortunately a little unpredictable as to who will need more treatments.  Treatments are usually spaced out at 4 to 6 week intervals. Dr. Sorokin offers package savings – call his office for more information.

Dr. Sorokin also offers other popular medical spa treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser skin resurfacing in Philadelphia. You can learn more during your consultation.

Is It Permanent?

Everyone interested in this procedure needs to remember that there is no such thing as “permanent” hair removal. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not permit manufacturers of hair removal laser devices to claim that hair removal is permanent because most people will not achieve permanent and complete elimination of unwanted hair through this technology.

Instead, you can expect permanent reduction in the number of hairs at a treatment site. This is an important concept as touch ups will be needed periodically to keep your skin as smooth and as hair-free as possible.

Laser Hair Removal Prices: