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CoolTone Muscle Toning headpiece

Strengthen and Tone. CoolTone, no surgery

Dr. Sorokin is one of the first practices in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area to offer CoolTone™ from CoolSculpting®, a revolutionary new device for body contouring and muscle sculpting. In addition to EMSCULPT® which we already offer, we are one of the only practices in the country to offer both of these cutting edge technologies. Some people may be better suited by CoolTone and some by EMSCULPT, so it makes sense to come to an office that is able to provide options based on what is best for each patient!

CoolTone Tones and Firms the Body

CoolTone is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure which helps to strengthen and build muscle tone without surgery! Sometimes despite our best efforts with diet and exercise patients have trouble spots. CoolSculpting is a great way to remove problematic areas of fat, and now CoolTone can help build muscle definition! CoolTone is FDA-cleared to improve muscle tone in the buttocks and abdomen. CoolTone is applied in a quick, 30 minute session and supplies maximal muscle stimulation, known as MMS. These muscle contractions are stronger than any workout that could be done at the gym, and allow the muscles to grow and increase definition.

CoolTone muscle toning model reclining on steps

mid section of non-surgical body contouring model

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