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Tummy Tuck

The Tummy Tuck is such a marvelous procedure! Like many people, you’ve probably worked hard to eat right and exercise, but your stubborn belly fat just won’t go away. The tummy tuck addresses so many concerns that just are not fixable with diet and exercise.

Board-certified plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist, Dr. Evan Sorokin performs tummy tuck surgery to give Philadelphia residents the firm, fit midsection they can’t get on their own. This is one of Dr. Sorokin’s favorite procedures to perform, right after breast augmentation! Request a consultation today.

Tummy Tuck Before and Afters

Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 9460 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 9475 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8698 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8672 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8682 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 9468 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8678 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8681 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8707 - Before and After
Philadelphia Abdominoplasty 8700 - Before and After

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Reasons for Considering a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, gives New Jersey and Philadelphia residents a variety of improvements, including:

  • Eliminating abdominal fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise
  • Removing excess skin that remains after weight loss and pregnancy
  • Tightening loose and separated abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy
  • Aligning abdominal muscles for a more flattering appearance

For a more sculpted body contour, Dr. Sorokin can combine a tummy tuck with liposuction. Many women choose a Mommy Makeover, which combines a tummy tuck and liposuction with breast enhancement surgery to restore their pre-pregnancy shape

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck involves surgical removal of excess skin or fatty deposits from the abdomen, along with the repositioning of abdominal muscles into a tighter formation. This procedure is designed for those who wish to have a flatter and tighter stomach, and is also helpful in remedying the vertical separation of abdominal muscles known as diastasis, which can occur following pregnancy.

Our tummy tuck patients can expect the surgery to last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on their desired look and unique physiology. To begin the procedure, Dr. Sorokin makes an incision just above the pubic bone area and extends the incision horizontally across the lower abdomen and sometimes around to the back. The skin is then stretched away from the muscle tissue, and excess skin is removed. Abdominal muscle tissue is tightened to provide a firmly-contoured stomach and well-defined waistline. Finally, Dr. Sorokin closes the incision by stitching the skin back into place. Sometimes the procedure requires an additional incision around the navel in order to provide the best results.

Recovery Following Abdominoplasty

For the first few days after the procedure, your abdominal area may be swollen and you may feel some discomfort, which can be controlled by medication. You will have a drain which we will teach you how to use for about a week. Dr. Sorokin uses “Exparel” which is a long lasting 72 hour anesthetic on all of his tummy tucks to minimize the pain involved in the procedure.  Dr. Sorokin will provide you with detailed instructions for showering and changing your bandages. In addition, Dr. Sorokin encourages you to start walking as soon as possible, and normal activities generally can be resumed in 3 weeks, though heavy exercise should be avoided until at least 6 weeks. The stitches will be removed shortly after your surgery.

It may take up to a month or two before you can engage in all your usual activities, and your body may need up to a year to completely adapt to the new abdominal configuration. Your scars may actually look worse during the first 3 to 6 months as they heal, but this is normal. After about 9 months, your scars should begin to flatten out and lighten in color. Thankfully, abdominal scars will not show under most clothing, including bathing suits. With proper diet and exercise you will be able to enjoy the results of your surgery for many years.

Why Us for Your Body Contouring

  • Dr. Sorokin is a body contouring specialist performing abdominoplasty, laser, ultrasonic and power-assisted liposuction.
  • Our patients love their slimmer figures so much that many of them refer their friends and family to us.
  • Dr. Sorokin and his staff are committed to your safety, comfort and satisfying results.

To find out how a tummy tuck can help your abdomen look flatter and firmer, request a consultation with Dr. Sorokin or call our office in Cherry Hill at 856-797-0202.