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Facelift & Neck Lift

Many of Dr. Sorokin’s Facelift patients have enjoyed the results of a procedure by him in the past. It’s trust built over time that brings them back to ask him to rejuvenate their faces. 

To see what you’ve been missing, request a consultation online or call our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sorokin. 

There are many levels of therapy and intervention for facial rejuvenation. The patients who typically choose a facelift are interested in comprehensive, long-term results. Many signs of aging throughout the mid-face and neck can be addressed with a face and neck lift. This level of intervention offers results patients are happy with years and years later.

If you have sagging, loose skin and moderate to severe wrinkles throughout the midface and neck, a facelift is a good choice to resolve those concerns. Good candidates for facelift surgery are in good health, have realistic expectations about what surgery can accomplish and have the good sense to consult with Dr. Sorokin in Philadelphia or Cherry Hill.

The bandages come off the day after surgery and we ask that people rest as much and as long as they can. However, patients have gone back to work a week after surgery. Two weeks is probably more appropriate to allow for swelling and bruising to diminish to barely perceptible. Tightness and tingling that some patients experience generally resolves within a month.

It can take between three and six months for the results of the facelift to emerge from the healing process. Individual results will vary, but patients generally report looking seven to ten years younger. The same aging processes will continue to work, so in a sense, the results “last” seven to ten years.

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