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Eyelid Lift
Dazzling and bright.

Eyelid lifts are a natural first step to rejuvenating your face. It’s a relatively simple procedure that brightens your eyes and thus your face.

If you have heavy wrinkling, droopy eyelids, and/or heavy under-eye bags, an eyelid lift may be the right treatment. Eyelid lifts, or blepharoplasty, are tailored to address your particular concerns. Sometimes the upper and lower lids are addressed separately in procedures named upper eyelid lift, and lower eyelid lift.

An eyelid lift can address the signs of aging around the eyes, but it is not the only treatment. To discover your treatment options, request a consultation with Dr. Sorokin. Simply use our online consultation request form or call our office to schedule your appointment.

There are a number of facial rejuvenation treatments and procedures, and many address similar concerns. Wrinkling between the brows or around the eyes may be addressed with Botox, or remediation may be possible with a peel or laser treatment. Some instances of droopy eyes are better addressed through a forehead or brow lift. However, blepharoplasty is usually the best treatment for sagging skin causing folds and droopy appearance or visual impairment.

Good candidates for eyelid lift have sagging/drooping skin in the upper or lower eyelid, puffiness in the upper lid and/or bagginess in the lower eyelid, or a combination of the two. They should be in good health and have realistic goals and expectations. The smartest candidates request a consultation with Dr. Sorokin.

We do not participate with commercial insurance carriers or medicare. Our payment methods include cash, check, credit card and financing through Care Credit or PatientFi. We highly suggest that you check directly with your insurance carrier and or insurance administrator at the phone number on your insurance card in order to find out any reimbursements from them you may be due according to your insurance plan.

The bruising and swelling should peak within 24 hours and begin subsiding over then two weeks. Immediately following surgery we recommend bed rest for 24 hours. Then, taking it easy, really relaxing and following post-operative instructions will help hasten recovery while improving your results. Patients typically return to work after a week or two

Eyelid lift results typically resolve within four to six weeks. Blepharoplasty results are typically long enjoyed. Most eyelid lifts involve the removal or repositioning of fat pads to resolve droopiness and bagginess and associated signs of aging. The aging in the future most likely includes new wrinkles and skin laxity, but not the issues caused by the fat pads.

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