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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 8794 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 8794 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 1

    This young lady, despite being in great shape, simply could not get the contour of her thighs that she desired.  She thus chose to have...

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9374 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9374 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 2

    Technique: Liposuction to Flanks (VASER)   Before and after Liposuction from Philadelphia, Cherry Hill and New Jersey paitents.

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9480 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9480 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 3

    This young lady came to see me for liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. Despite diet and exercise, she could not achieve the contour she...

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9481 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9481 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 4

    This 43 year old lady came to see me for breast enhancement and body contouring. We discussed options which included a breast lift with implants as...

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9482 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9482 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 5

    This young lady came in complaining of excess fat in her abdominal region which she could not lose despite diet and exercise. The best candidates for...

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9483 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9483 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 6

    Liposuction is a great tool for contouring areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. This young lady presented with a disproportionate...

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9484 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9484 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 7

    This young lady came to see me for body contouring. She had good elasticity to her young skin and I took her to the operating room for liposuction of...

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  • Philadelphia Liposuction 9488 - Before ImagePhiladelphia Liposuction 9488 - After Image

    Liposuction: Patient 8

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