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Do doctors need authorities to tell them that 8 year olds don’t need Botox for Wrinkles?

New Jersey legislatures are working on a bill to limit Botox use for minors. This story follows the story of a California mother who had her child taken away by welfare agencies for injecting her beauty pageant daughter with Botox! TMZ is now reporting that the entire story was a hoax that the woman made up to make money from media stories.

Regardless of whether or not this crazy woman injected her child with Botox, the need for legislation preventing this is questionable. Stories of mothers having their children injected with Botox and/or fillers are not new. It seems that there are more pressing societal issues that our government could be dealing with.

What plastic surgeon or dermatologist would inject an 8 year old beauty queen with Botox? We have morals and ethics. We don’t need to be told not to do this. Unreal.