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Did She or Didn’t She? The denial continues…

Some of my patients are proud to tell their friends that they got breast implants. They are happy to tell them, show them, talk about them, and some of these patients are my best referral sources! I love these ladies!

Others are so private that it is the complete opposite. We frequently get requests to not have my name on the mailing return address of labels to hide surgery from their kids and they certainly would not tell their friends.

Hollywood actresses do this all of the time. Some of them outright lie. Some of them, you just don’t know.

The Selena Gomez controversy is a prime example. Tabloid magazines quote a surgeon who could never really know whether or not she had surgery. HIPAA privacy prohibits us from talking about our own patients without their permission and thus in a situation like this, any surgeon making comments is simply guessing. The observation of fullness superiorly giving away the implant can also be achieved with bras and tape, so I would caution against believing this.

Many people are very private. We have many patients who call our office wanting and requesting to be let in through the side door and put directly in a room rather than waiting in the waiting room. Such requests are certainly not uncommon.

Do I think she got implants? Well she certainly looks larger and more round than in previous photographs but in truth it is impossible to say………..