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Breast Lift Myths (from

I wanted to post a link to about Breast Lift Myths. It is a quick read about sagging breasts and if you have a quick second, check it out!

It discussed five myths about sagging breasts:
1) Bench presses and pectoralis exercises will prevent sagging. I see this all of the time. Ladies come in telling me that they have sagging breasts despite chest exercises. Chest muscle bulk does not lift the breast.
2) Breasts droop because of too much bouncing. I’ll argue with this one a little. It says that breasts droop because of stretched skin and lax ligaments. The truth is you need to take care of your breasts and good supportive bras help. The breast that bounces more is going to tend to have more wear and tear on the skin which then can stretch.
3) Breast size stays constant. I think this is obviously not true. Size changes during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, during weight gain and loss, etc….
4) Implants alone give you a lift. I see ladies almost every day who need lifts that come in and just want implants. This is a big mistake. I explain this to ladies every day and while some ladies are borderline, if you need a lift, you need a lift. Giant implants do not lift the breast, they cause big saggy breasts.
5) Creams and potions can restore the breasts. Creams don’t get rid of facial wrinkles nor help breast appearance. Creams can temporarily moisturize and help the appearance but it is a temporary gain. Magic lotions sold on infomercials are garbage.

As someone who loves fixing the shape of the breast surgically and tries to keep up to date on not only true science, but also what is talked about in the media, I like to keep up on these articles. If you see any interesting ones, let me know!