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Hello! My name is Melody. I’ve been working in healthcare since my first job at a family medicine practice while attending school. Then I worked in the ER at Virtua Health, where I met Dr. Sorokin. He offered me a receptionist position in the infancy of his practice in 2004. Through the years my knowledge and responsibilities expanded until I became the office manager here. I later decided to leave the workforce to be a full-time mother. Then came back in 2019 and haven’t looked back since. It’s been such a joy to be part of the growth of the practice!

The best part of my job is:

  • Educating patients and relieving their fears about surgery and recovery. I also love my co-workers!

The funniest thing Dr. Sorokin does:

  • He teases Alisha.

My favorite surgical procedure is:

  • Breast augmentation. I love the easy recovery Dr. Sorokin is able to give to patients, and the instant gratification of seeing the results!