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Dr. Sorokin knows perfection.

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is a wonderful procedure because just the smallest change in the structure of the nose can have a dramatic impact on the face’s appearance and appeal. If there’s a bump, a hump, a turn, a twist or a break in your nose, a rhinoplasty may help restore your facial harmony and confidence.

If you are interested in changing the appearance of your nose, we recommend consulting with Dr. Sorokin. Simply fill out our consultation request form or call our office to schedule your appointment.

Every now and then there will be an attempt at reproducing rhinoplasty results without the surgery. They are attempts, not successes. A liquid or lunch-time rhinoplasty will not address the underlying issues, nor will the remedy last as long as a rhinoplasty. The only treatment currently available for changing the structure of your nose, while offering life long results is a rhinoplasty.

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