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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Thanks to more advanced surgical techniques, women who visit Dr. Sorokin for breast augmentation in New Jersey can enjoy a faster recovery. Within just 1 to 2 days after surgery, over 90% of Dr. Sorokin’s patients report minimal pain and most can return to light, normal activities in about 3 days.

Dr. Sorokin encourages you to request a consultation online to talk with him one-on-one about rapid recovery breast surgery. His office is conveniently located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, close to Philadelphia and Northern Delaware.

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Many women are told horror stories by other surgeons or their girlfriends about long, painful recovery periods. Using modern techniques, there is no reason why a woman should be out of commission for more than a few days after her breast enlargement surgery in New Jersey. Breast enlargement surgeons who tell you otherwise simply do not have adequate experience with rapid recovery techniques.

The Rapid Recovery Difference

Dr. Sorokin’s New Jersey breast augmentation patients do not have to wait several weeks to recover from surgery. He uses proven surgical techniques for his patients so they can return to the things they enjoy doing the most. In addition to surgical technique, Dr. Sorokin utilizes specific types of anesthesia, specific instruments, and focused prescription regimens after surgery to minimize recovery time.

Dr. Sorokin trained with the famous surgeon Dr. Tebbetts at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, who in 2002 first taught the plastic surgery world about breast augmentation with a 24-hour recovery. Dr. Sorokin believes that any surgeon who does not use these newer techniques simply is not offering his patients the best chance of a rapid recovery. While results may vary, over 90% of patients in Dr. Sorokin’s patient surveys note that they take narcotics for less than 2 days and are back to almost all activities in 3 days.

Surgical Equipment Impacts Your Breast Augmentation Results

When starting his practice, Dr. Sorokin unsuccessfully attempted to encourage local hospitals to upgrade their surgical equipment. When they refused, he bought his own instruments. To this day, his office staff brings instruments back and forth to the operating room. Dr. Sorokin believes this equipment is the best money can buy, and plays a critical role in recovery and results.

Using antiquated equipment is not in the patient’s best interest, but surgeons across the country do it every day. Dr. Sorokin provides his patients a higher standard – he spends tens of thousands of dollars each year on high-quality surgical equipment. In short, appropriate instrumentation leads to a more rapid recovery for his patients.

Rapid Recovery – It’s a Team Effort

Dr. Sorokin does what he can to minimize recovery time and maximize results following every cosmetic surgery procedure he performs. But as the patient, you are also tasked with taking care of yourself so that your recovery goes smoothly. There are multiple factors that lead to a rapid recovery.

  • Gentle surgical technique
  • Precise, meticulous intraoperative tissue handling
  • A positive attitude and compliance with postoperative instructions
  • Well thought out post-procedure prescription regimens
  • Specific post-procedure exercise guidelines

During recovery, here are a few things women can expect:

  • Patients must avoid strenuous exercise and aerobic activity that elevates heart rate and blood pressure during the first ten days after surgery.
  • Routine daily activities such as brushing hair, driving a car, and lifting light objects are permitted as soon as a patient feels up to it.
  • Patients are usually ready to return to work in 2 to 3 days.

If you’re considering cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Evan Sorokin can help. Request an appointment with him online, or call 856-797-0202 to schedule your consultation.