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JWoww’s Breast Incisions in the news upset this plastic surgeon

Circulating the internet are photographs of Jenni JWoww’s breast incisions. In addition to a unfortunately poor shape to her augmentation her incision looks long, wide, irregular, and in the wrong location on her breast.  Photographs such as these do nothing but give fuel to the plastic surgery haters.  Obviously I was not her plastic surgeon or I couldn’t comment without violating HIPAA.  Instead of going to Long Island for her surgery (rumors of course) I bet she could have done better staying right here in New Jersey….

A well placed breast crease incision heals as a fine line that is well hidden in the fold at the base of the breast.  Ideally it is a white thin line that is barely noticable.   It should be placed more towards the center of the breast and be lower on the breast mound than this. Her scar appears wide and irregular here.  Well placed crease incisions rarely show even in outfits like this one.  Other scars in plastic surgery are harder to hide and can be more conspicuous (such as arm lifts and tummy tucks) but a breast incision like this can be placed better.

There are other incisions that can be used such as areolar incisions or axillary (armpit) incisions.  The axillary incision could also show if she lifted up her arm in this outfit so wouldn’t be much of an advantage.

Advantages of this incision include quicker recovery, very low complication rate, ability to do both saline and silicone implants without the risk of damaging the implant, lower malposition rate, lower infection rate, and the list goes on.  I believe this photo may dissuade some ladies from wanting to use this surgical approach which is very unfortunate.