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Combining Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift

When women want to improve the appearance of their breasts, they commonly want to address both size and shape or position. Many women who come to Dr. Sorokin for breast enhancement need both a breast lift and breast augmentation. At his New Jersey practice, Dr. Sorokin often combines these procedures for a more dramatic and effective improvement.

To find out how you can enjoy larger, more uplifted breasts, request a consultation with Dr. Sorokin or call our office.

Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift Before and Afters

Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 8671 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 10247 - Before and After
Breast Lift And Augmentation: Patient 3 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 10814 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 9398 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 9375 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 9453 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 10119 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 8677 - Before and After
Philadelphia Breast Lift and Augmentation 10116 - Before and After

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Why Us for Your Breast Enhancement

  • Dr. Sorokin offers a “rapid recovery” technique so you can enjoy your results sooner
  • Our practice is known for its specialization in breast surgery—from breast augmentation to complex revision cases
  • Dr. Sorokin is a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon who takes the time to understand your goals

Augmentation, Lift, or Both?

There are really two main reasons that women come to Dr. Sorokin for breast enhancement. They are either unhappy with size or shape or a combination of both. Dr. Sorokin goes to great lengths to explain what can be achieved with an implant alone and when a breast lift is needed.

Sometimes breastfeeding, weight loss, age, or simply the way the breast develops causes the nipple to hang below the level of the breast crease. In these cases, simply adding an implant will not create a beautifully shaped breast. An extensively stretched out breast skin envelope does not simply fill out when an implant is placed. Adding an implant to breasts that are already drooping will ultimately produce a larger breast that may be even more saggy due to the weight of the implant. This is not what most women want.

Breast augmentation alone works great for small breasts that simply need more volume. In cases of sagging breast skin, a lift is needed to remove excess skin and reposition the nipple. A breast lift alone is a good option for a woman who wants an uplifted, rounder-shaped breast without any increase in size.

Benefits of Combining Breast Augmentation with Lift

When Dr. Sorokin combines breast augmentation with lift into one surgery, he can create a dramatically younger and shapelier breast appearance. Benefits include:

  • Reduced cost compared to multiple surgeries
  • Consolidated recovery time
  • Overall increased satisfaction

Whether or not to combine a lift with an augmentation is a complicated decision which Dr. Sorokin feels is best discussed on an individual basis. Combining these surgeries without question increases the potential complication rate. In fact, in some published studies, any time an augmentation is combined with a lift, there is about a 20% rate of needing a second revision surgery. That needs to be considered, however doing a lift followed by an augmentation is two surgeries if this is done in stages 100% of the time! So, pros and cons need to be discussed and this really comes down to how big of a lift needs to be done. Smaller lifts are safe to combine with an augmentation, whereas larger lifts should be done in stages. Dr. Sorokin will discuss this with you in detail and after a thorough examination, can make the best recommendations!

Dr. Sorokin also offers a broader combination of procedures called a Mommy Makeover for women who have other areas of their bodies they would like to address in addition to their breasts. This option most often includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, or other body contouring procedure with the breast surgery, but it can also incorporate other surgical options tailored specifically to each patient.

Am I a Candidate?

Sometimes implants can be placed at the same time as a Mastopexy and sometimes they cannot. This all depends on the degree of lifting needed. In breasts with a significant degree of sag, an implant should not be placed as the same time as healing can be compromised. If only a modest amount of lifting is needed, it can be very safe to place an implant in conjunction with a lift.

If you are unsure whether you would benefit from both procedures or from a single one, Dr. Sorokin can assess your goals and breasts and help you decide. He has specialized in breast surgery in Philadelphia metro area for many years and believes in having open and honest discussions with his patients. He will guide you through the options that are best for your body, including implant selection. Dr. Sorokin offers a wide variety of breast implants to evaluate during a consultation in his New Jersey or Philadelphia practice. Please request a consultation online or call our office to schedule.