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Botox Cosmetic turns 10 years old!

A large amount of press has been circulating this week about the Botox Cosmetic 10th Anniversary. Botox was originally introduced in 1989 FDA approved as Botox and then in 2002 as Botox Cosmetic. Over 2300 studies attest to its safety.

Since 2002, over 11 million treatments are estimated to have been performed!

Botox continues to be a very popular treatment in my New Jersey plastic surgery practice. Once a month, on every third Thursday my Cherry Hill office offers a Botox Event where at an extremely competitive price (lower than even charged in the local medspas) as a thank you to my loyal patients. It is very common that we will treat 30 or 40 patients on these Thursdays alone.  Botox in South Jersey continues to grow in popularity!

If you haven’t tried it, or would like to get more information, visit my website or