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Mildred with her puppy

Hello, I’m Mildred. I’ve been working in plastic surgery for 20 years and with Dr. Sorokin since the fall 2020. I’m a people person and I love what I do. You’ll meet with me after your consultation and I’ll be with you from the beginning to the end of your process here. I’m here to answer any questions you have and of course, to hold your hand. I am always available to talk—I love to meet people and make connections!

The best part of my job is:

  • I get to work closely with Dr. Sorokin and our patients. I think it’s exciting to meet new people everyday. I also like catching up with his old patients to find out what has been happening in their life. 

My favorite time of the day:

  • Morning. I love starting my day with a smile and a cup of coffee while playing with my two dogs. 

What I can’t live without:

  • Contact with people, dogs and wine just to name a few.