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What is Latisse?

Latisse lash growth product

So, I have to admit when Latisse came out on the market back in 2008 I just shook my head and said, nobody will want this stuff.  I great underestimated the appeal of a product that could make lashes longer, darker, and thicker!  So many of my patients spend their time with eyelash extensions, thickeners, false lashes, mascaras, and other ways of making their lashes more lush.  A prescription medication that can actually give them their own naturally thick lashes seems too good to be true to so many!

What is Latisse?  Latisse blimatoprost started as an eye drop brand named Lumigan in 2001.  Lumigan was prescribed to treat glaucoma.  Funny thing that many patients noted was that their eyelashes were starting to look longer, darker, and thicker!  They told their eye doctors about this side effect and the next thing you know, Latisse was born!

Latisse darkens lashes by a scientific process not well understood.  It increases both the number of eyelashes as well as the length of time they grow before they fall out.  The FDA approved Latisse for use in 2008.  Since then I have prescribed it for hundreds of patients who have been very happy with their results!  In one study thickness increased by 108%, darkness by 18% and length by 25%. Once patients stop using Latisse, the lashes gradually go back to where they started.

Latisse is applied daily with a special applicator included with purchase to the top eyelashes.  When you blink, the product is transferred to the lower lashes.  Potential complications include dry eyes, eyelid skin darkening, and even eye color change to brown.  While these are rare possibilities, it is something to discuss with your doctor before starting this medication.  Remember, this is an actual medicine, not some hyped-up mall promise-cream and medications can all have side effects.

We stock Latisse in 2 month and 4 month supplies in the office.  As it is a medication it requires a consultation with me prior to getting this, but the consultation is quick and easy (and complimentary!)

Latisse is a great product and after watching so many happy patients I have changed my initial belief that this product would never be a winner.  Truth is, it works, and patients love it!