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Plastic Surgery Should Be Done for Yourself, Not for Someone Else

Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston has demanded that Justin Theroux get a rhinoplasty (nose-job) prior to their wedding. It is unclear at this point if he will do this for her or not, but she wants him to look better for that day according to several sources. Blogs about Jennifer’s requestdiscuss this in detail.

Plastic surgery should not be done in order to please a spouse, a friend, a family member, or anyone other than the potential patient. We can surgically improve things with plastic surgery, however certainly any procedure has risks and should not be done for the satisfaction of another person. Plastic surgeons are taught to watch for this, and the classic example is a lady getting breast implants to please her husband. I have seen this in my NJ plastic surgery practiceall too frequently and have turned down requests for plastic surgery many times when it is clear that “she” is only doing it for “him.” Motivation should be internal not external.

Justin should run far, far away and just say no. If Jennifer comes around, then consider going back. Otherwise I would bet this marriage lasts as long as so many Hollywood marriages these days. If this rumor is true, then my advise to Justin is, read the writing on the wall!