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Breast Augmentation: Patient 10

Breast Augmentation: Patient 10

Breast Augmentation: Patient 10

This is one of my favorite recent patients as she is one of the most friendly, happy, down to earth, and just plain nice ladies throughout the entire process.  I am thus so very happy for her and the result she is enjoying.  She is shown here before (tattoos removed for privacy) and with an early 5 week result postoperative.  I placed 470cc Sientra gummy bear cohesive silicone gel breast implants through a crease incision taking her from an A cup to a nice proportional D cup.  This is an early result and they haven't completely gone through the dropping and fluffing process and she will continue to soften and the upper pole will become a bit more natural as they gain more projection.  I tell my patients that it takes about 100 days to get to their final shape and so at 5 weeks she is only a third of the way though the shaping process.  I almost wish I could have her come back in to the office just for photos in another 2 months however I wouldn't ask a patient to just come in for photos for benefit of having more photos as that is a bit of an inconvenience and an ask.  She is already very happy with the early result but they should only improve.

  • Age: Between 25 and 35 years old
  • Weight: Between 145 and 155 pounds
  • Height: 5'8" to 5'11"
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 5 weeks
  • Implant Type: Highly Cohesive Gel
  • Implant Shape: Round
  • Implant Incision: Inframammary
  • Volume: Between 450cc to 500cc
  • Implant Profile: High
  • Implant Placement: Submuscular
  • Pre-Surgery Bra Size: A
  • Post-Surgery Bra Size: D
  • Technique: Rapid Recovery Silicone Breast Augmentation
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