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Beware of Fake Botox

Botox is safe when a safe, quality product is used by your physician.  Last month the FDA wrote to 350 practices in the United States warning them that purchasing products from Canada from unregulated supliers was dangerous.

The FDA wrote that “these products may be contaminated, counterfeit, ineffective, unsafe, and/or wrongly stored and transported. Patients could be placed at risk if medical practices purchase and use illegal and unapproved medications from foreign suppliers on their patients; effectively depriving them of safe and proper treatment.”

Surprisingly I receive faxes from these companies trying to sell me “Cheap Botox” all of the time.  I have always looked at them, and said to myself, what idiot buys this stuff?

Now we know who these doctors are:

The FDA provided a list of the names and locations of these offices that they wrote to.  See linkto review for yourself if you may have ever visited these offices.  Of the 8 locations in New Jersey that received letters, there were two real board certified ASPS plastic surgeons which is quite disappointing.  I would thus tell you that almost all of the plastic surgeons in New Jersey are using legitimate Botox, but not all!  Thus, you need to be careful.  Don’t be embarassed to ask to see the bottle of Botox.  Botox Cosmetic is labeled as such with a unique hologram on the label to assist in preventing counterfeiting.  At the end of the day, it is your health, and while you should be able to trust doctors to use the real thing, apparently other motivations (higher profit margin perhaps) are at work in some offices.

I’ve heard of docs diluting Botox and while the thought of this unethical practice is sickening, buying potentially dangerous poisonous products with little known quality control should be illegal and result in loss of a medical license.  Just my 2 cents…..