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“36, 2 Kids and Got Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift.. Dr. Sorokin Was AWESOME!!! – To all future patients of doctor Sorokin, I would like to share my pleasant experience as my plastic surgeon. I was an international patient of doctor Sorokin, I am going to start with my first consultation visit where doctor Sorokin answered all my questions and my friend’s questions who was helping me to translate we felt very comfortable to do both procedures with him which were a tummy tuck and a breast lift. I did my research before hand and looked at his reviews, I also went to 3 other consultations but his compassion and honesty made me feel very comfortable to do my surgeries with him. Upon completing my consultation with him I knew i wasn’t going to look further else where. The staff at his office were very comforting and their service was superb, I like how his director of nursing went over all the details after doctor Sorokin gave me all the information she was still willing to comfort me and make sure that I was convinced and happy with the procedures I was getting done. Ashley and Sheila also went above and beyond to help through this process.The day of surgery I had mixed emotions of excitement, fear, happiness it was something that every patient goes through Before anesthesia. Afterwards, Dr. Sorokin came to see me at pre operation and gave me a warm hug which comforted me and made me feel i was in good hands. Few weeks later I had to get the drain removed and I was going through an emotional roller coaster of being scared again. But dr Sorokin made every effort to comfort me while the nurse was removing the drain he was sitting next to me asking not look forward holding my hand with all that compassion the nurse removed the drain and I didn’t feel it a bit. At that moment i was super excited that I said to them “I love you so much” with tears in my eyes. I also got botox and filler on my face which looks amazing!! Every time I walk in I feel like a princess because of the attention they give and how amazingly they take care of me. If you are looking to get anything done and would want to feel like the princess you are go see Dr. SorokinThank you so much Dr. Sorokin and your well put together amazing staff! I was blessed to have you as my plastic surgeon.”