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Out of Network Notice

Please be aware that Dr. Evan Sorokin and his medical practice, Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery, PA does not participate with commercial insurance carriers. He is considered an out of network provider by every commercial insurance carrier. Dr. Sorokin does participate with Medicare.  His surgical center, Cosmetic Surgery Center of Southern New Jersey, LLC out of network to all insurance companies including Medicare.

While Dr. Sorokin is happy to provide care to any patient seeking care and will not discriminate based on insurance status, please be advised that he does not accept commercial insurance company payment.

In the outpatient office setting Dr. Sorokin charges $250 for a typical consultation and lacerations will be repaired at the following rates:

  • Laceration less than 1cm – $500
  • Laceration 1cm to 3cm -$1000
  • Laceration 3cm to 5cm – $1500
  • Lacerations 5cm – 10cm -$2000
  • Lacerations greater than 10cm – $2500

Many patients will request plastic surgery repair of an injury and are referred to Dr. Sorokin even though the Emergency Room participating physician “could” repair the laceration. In these cases when referred to the office, Dr. Sorokin charges as above. This is an elective, active choice a patient or family member makes and this notice informs you that we are out of network.

In the emergency setting at an in-network hospital Dr. Sorokin will accept commercial insurance in-network rates for care provided at an in-network hospital according to New Jersey regulations. It is a violation of New Jersey regulation to waive co-pays and deductibles.

As we do not participate with commercial insurance carriers, elective surgical procedure fees will be provided and payment is required two weeks prior to surgery. Be aware that by choosing an out of network physician and facility fees are typically higher than in-network providers.

We highly suggest that you check directly with your insurance carrier and or insurance administrator at the phone number on your insurance card in order to find out any applicable fees, copays, deductibles, and alternative providers that may be participating in your insurance plan.

Elective cosmetic surgery is by definition elective. It is not covered by insurance and our payment policies for cosmetic procedures include cash, check, credit card, or financing via CareCredit.

Our office staff is available to discuss and explain this policy at 856-797-0202.