Plastic Surgery Safety

ALCL in the News

ALCL which is discussed in my blog a few weeks ago is now in the news and patients rightfully so have questions. Please see this great blog post by Dr. Karen Horton in California as it has great information! This video by Dr. Clemens is a very detailed excellent discussion....

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Smoking and Plastic Surgery

Smoking while having plastic surgery is a disaster waiting to happen. Most plastic surgeons tell their patients not to smoke before, during, and while healing from surgery. Why? Simply stated, smoking causes wound healing complications. – Perhaps the entire incision doesn’t heal. – Perhaps the tissue that has been stitched...

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Some People are Simply Crazy

Have you seen on the news that 6 ladies in North Jersey have ended up in the hospital after having “buttock augmentation” performed by a “doctor” in North Jersey?   Apparently the procedure involved injections of commercial grade silicone caulk (like the kind used to caulk bathtubs) to augment the...

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