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Visit us in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Office interior | Dr. Sorokin Philly Botox, Injectables lobby

Have you heard about our Philadelphia location?  Located in central Philadelphia we have made it easier and more convenient for so many people to visit us!  If you live in the city, or in the Pennsylvania suburbs, coming to see Dr. Sorokin has become so much easier!

The new office is sleek and modern with a city feel to it, located in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia.

Many patients have asked “what about New Jersey?” and we are not leaving Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  This office is in addition to the NJ location and we aren’t leaving anywhere! In the Philadelphia location I offer Botox, Injectables, Consultations, Body Treatments, like Emsculpt and CoolSculpting Elite, and Laser Treatments such as Laser Hair Removal.  I do not have surgical facilities in this office like we do in Cherry Hill and currently I have no plans for surgery in this location.  Since the places are truly only 15-20 minutes apart it is easy for patients to come to New Jersey for surgery and do their preoperative and postoperative care in Philadelphia.

We hope to see you soon in either Philadelphia or Cherry Hill!