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Hi, I’m Amanda but I go by Mandy. I received both of my Bachelor of Science degrees from Rutgers University.

I began my nursing career in the Emergency room at Jefferson. I always knew I wanted to work in plastic surgery, especially with Dr. Sorokin. Prior to working for him, I was a patient. Every time I would visit his office, I would ask for a job, this went on for years until one day he finally had a position available. I think this says a lot about his practice and office environment, no one ever wants to leave! I was so HAPPY that his practice was expanding, and I had l finally gotten an opportunity at my dream job in November 2020. As well as working at DVPS, I still work in the Emergency room at Penn medicine. I look forward to eventually transitioning into a full-time career with Dr. Sorokin.

The best part of my job is:

  • My coworkers and learning from Dr. Sorokin. Everyday I’m amazed at how brilliant he is! I look forward to going to work knowing I gain more knowledge from someone who I consider one of greatest surgeons.

What I love most about working at DVPS is:

  • Watching Dr. Sorokin changes people’s lives. I admire his work and how he’s able to improve people’s lives and confidence. It makes you leave work every day feeling like you did something to make a positive change in someone’s life.

The funniest thing Dr. Sorokin does:

  • The jokes he plays on employees and his facial expressions that tell you almost immediately what he’s thinking. His humor makes for a great work environment.