CoolTone is here!

CoolTone® is here! We are lucky to be one of the first practices not only in the region, but in the country to have CoolTone. CoolTone by CoolSculpting® is a new body contouring, muscle strengthening device. It can be used to strengthen abdominal muscles, lift and tighten the buttock, and dramatically increase thigh strength and tone! Two treatments are performed every week for 2 weeks followed by a monthly maintenance treatment allowing you to reach fitness goals that you have only dreamed of! Consider doing a series of CoolSculpting then CoolTone this season! CoolSculpting will help remove fat, followed by CoolTone to increase muscle! Earn Allē points with each treatment! We also have Emsculpt® which strengthens muscles so individual consultation will help us guide you to which treatment is best for you! Try to find another office that can offer you either of these innovative treatments! Request a consultation today, choose Philadelphia or Cherry Hill.