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Anesthesia is an integral part of any surgery performed at our facility. Dr. Sorokin made the decision in the early years of his practice to outsource anesthesia services to West Jersey Anesthesia Associates, a private group of anesthesia providers in South Jersey. He had worked with several groups at various hospitals and believed that this group would be able to provide the best fit in terms of quality of care and bedside manner.

To learn more about this excellent group of physicians you can visit their website at http://westjerseyanesthesia.com or call our office at 856-797-0202 and we are happy to answer any questions.

Our anesthesia staff are board certified anesthesiologists based out of Virtua Hospital. They bring their knowledge of critical care from the hospital but also share enthusiasm and experience with plastic surgery patients. Dr. Frank Knoll, Dr. Kathleen Morgan, Dr. Michael Pascarella, Dr. Rajiv Lingaraju, Dr. Ryan Santos, and Dr. Cory Levitt take turns rotating through our AAAASF operating room. These board-certified anesthesiologists are based out of Virtua Hospital in Voorhees and Marlton and when not on-call overnight at the hospital, provide excellent care for our patients. They understand the specific needs of a patient undergoing elective cosmetic procedures and are a key part of our surgical experience.

Frank Knoll, MD is our Director of Anesthesia. He takes a very active role in all of the policies and procedures that we follow at Cosmetic Surgery Center of Southern New Jersey, LLC in order to provide top notch care. Dr. Sorokin and Dr. Knoll, as well as Director Alisha, meet often to discuss protocols and policy updates as we are committed to providing a safe, comfortable experience.