Marla Liberatore, RN – Nurse Manager and Cosmetic Injector

Marla Liberatore, RN has been working with Dr. Sorokin since 2012 when she joined Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery as a registered nurse. Dr. Sorokin immediately recognized not only her excellent nursing skills combined with a friendly and comforting bedside manner, but also her keen aesthetic sense when assisting with procedures and injections. Nurse Marla would actively ask questions and make suggestions about procedures and surgeries and eventually decided to seek specialized training in advanced injectable procedures.

Watching and learning from Dr. Sorokin provided an excellent background to learn about Botox and filler injections, but this was only the start. She sought training with industry experts in order to refine her skills. In the operating room, Dr. Sorokin was able to teach her essential anatomy during procedures such as facelifts, where critical and complex anatomical structures could be observed on patients.

Marla is a registered nurse, state licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Prior to working at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery, she worked at both Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Cooper University Hospital. It was during the early years of her career that she learned her fundamental nursing skills in a university setting. She started in 2012 as an office nurse and then transitioned to the operating room and recovery room positions. Eventually she rose through the ranks to become nurse manager of the surgical center, which she continues to oversee.

Overseeing the surgical center is a complicated task. She is in charge of policies, quality assurance, inspections, maintenance of equipment and supplies, and patient care. It is a complicated position with many responsibilities, but she has helped create a five star patient experience second to none.

When not at the office, Marla is a doting mother of 4 beautiful children. From school events to sports, this keeps her quite busy when she gets a moment away from the office. Marla, RN and Dr. Sorokin work together on many patients, and she always has Dr. Sorokin available not only as a medical director, but for second opinions. In addition she works with our aesthetician, Alese Kern, as quality skin care is vital to anyone seeking injectable treatments.

Patients love her for her gentle touch and conservative approach. They remark consistently about not being oversold and about her keen eye for detail. in some cases, when noninvasive injectable treatments are not the ideal option and surgery or lasers may be a better recommendation, she works as a team with Dr. Sorokin to deliver optimal treatment options for every patient.

Marla especially enjoys the relationships she has developed with patients as she sees them repeatedly for procedures, such as Laser Hair Removal or Botox, year after year. These long term relationships are extremely satisfying and her favorite part of the job.