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Labiaplasty (Labia Rejuvenation)

Labiaplasty, or labia rejuvenation, corrects asymmetrical vaginal lips, reduces a naturally enlarged labia, or corrects alterations from pregnancy or substantial weight loss.

Women also choose labiaplasty because an enlarged labia can cause irritation, pain during intercourse, and makes yeast and urinary tract infections more likely.

New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Evan Sorokin, is experienced in labia rejuvenation and he will carefully alter the labia to a size and shape that is more aesthetically appealing for the patient. Get started today, request a consultation.

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Surgical Technique

Dr. Sorokin is a highly qualified plastic surgeon who uses modern techniques to perform labia rejuvenation that preserves the nerves associated with sexual pleasure. Older methods used during labiaplasty would amputate the excess skin and tissue without concern for the nerves and the cosmetic result of the labia. Dr. Sorokin will perform most labiaplasty procedures using the wedge technique with incisions that leave little to no visible scarring.   Once the labia are the correct size, Dr. Sorokin will manipulate the remaining skin and tissue for a visually pleasing look. The incision will be closed with dissolvable stitches, so the patient won’t have to return to have the stitches removed. If the patient’s concerns about the size and shape of the labia are minor, laser treatment may be considered to reduce the vaginal lips. 

During/After Surgery

Labiaplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours to perform in Dr. Sorokin’s on-site AAAASF accredited surgical facility. Most patients will not require an overnight stay and will be able to go home after a short observation period. After the surgery, patients will need to avoid any pressure on the vaginal area, including exercise, intercourse, vaginal douching, and using tampons. Patients may carefully resume these actions 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Once the recovery period has passed, patients credit their increased confidence to their new, natural-looking labia.

Labiaplasty FAQs

Plastic Surgeon or Ob/Gyn?

While an Ob/Gyn is able to perform a labiaplasty, patients need to find out what techniques they use.  A simple amputation technique may not be the best option.  Dr. Sorokin is equipped and experienced to perform a labiaplasty while ensuring the results are aesthetically pleasing. As he does in all his surgeries, Dr. Sorokin uses careful incisions for less scarring and he will make the labia look as natural as possible by considering the color, contour, and symmetry.

Is this a Common Surgery?

In the last 15 years this has become a much more common procedure.  While certainly it is not nearly as common as liposuction or breast augmentation, Dr. Sorokin performs these procedures on a quite regular basis.  While it may be embarrassing to ask about, believe us, you are not alone in your concerns!

Altered Sensations?

After a labiaplasty, patients will experience a temporary numbness in the vaginal area, but once the recovery is complete, the patient’s previous levels of sensitivity will return. In fact, many patients find that their sex life is improved because the excess skin and tissue have been removed. Dr. Sorokin protects the clitoral region and the sensory nerves during a labiaplasty so pleasure and sensation during sexual activity is not diminished.

Affect of Pregnancy?

For optimal results, women should not be planning any more pregnancies after their labiaplasty. Even so, a woman may not want to wait if her labia is causing physical or emotional problems. If the results of a labiaplasty are altered by pregnancy and childbirth, a second surgery may be performed.