American Society of Plastic Surgery 2016 Statistics

This week the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) released its annual National Clearinghouse of Plastic Surgery statistics.  Each year, plastic surgeons are surveyed on the numbers of procedure that they perform.  This information is then compiled and statistics are released. The information is interesting to say the least and...

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2012 ASPS Plastic Surgery Statistics

The American Society of Plastic Surgery has released its 2012 plastic surgery statistics for the United States.   This survery is widely considered to be the best available data on how many procedures are performed each year.  Plastic surgeons report how many procedures they did and the polling company tabulates...

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Philadelphia Magazine Top Doc Plastic Surgeon

Wow!  What an honor it was to be named as a Top Plastic Surgeon in Philadelphia Magazine’sTop Doc 2010 listing. I have received many similar awards over the years in Southern New Jersey publications and even New Jersey state magazines but the Philadelphia Magazine listing is an especially nice honor. When...

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