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The eyes are the focus of interaction with others, so they should be engaging. The first FDA-approved treatment of its kind, LATISSE gives patients eyelashes that are naturally longer, thicker, and darker. LATISSE patients can sleep, swim, or exercise and still have beautifully accented eyes without the bother of mascara smudging or running. It is available by prescription from New Jersey board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Evan Sorokin. In addition to offering products and services such as LATISSE, Dr. Sorokin performs surgical and nonsurgical treatments to make his patients look naturally younger and beautiful.

How It Works

LATISSE is a topical solution that is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes. LATISSE has been found to enhance the eyelashes by enabling them to grow for a longer period of time and by increasing the number of eyelashes that grow at one time. Lashes reach greater lengths in greater numbers. Within about 4 weeks of use, enhanced eyelashes will begin to emerge. By 16 weeks, all eyelashes will have completed a growth cycle and will have reached their ultimate improvements.


LATISSE is convenient because it is performed once daily as part of a regular nighttime beauty routine. The drops are added to the special applicator and then the patient runs it along the base of the upper eyelashes, similar to applying eyeliner. It is not appropriate for use on the lower eyelashes.

Expected Cost

One bottle of LATISSE and 30 applicators costs $120. This may vary by pharmacy location.


Eye Color Changes?

There is no evidence to suggest that LATISSE can change the color of your irises. The only instance of this occurring was when the ingredients in LATISEE were used as eye drops to treat glaucoma. It is therefore considered a risk, but a very small risk. When used for eyelash enhancement, LATISSE is applied to the base of the lashes, and should not enter the eye in significant amounts.

Permanent Results?

As long as nightly treatments are continued, improvements to the eyelashes will remain. If use of LATISSE is discontinued, lashes will gradually return to their original condition.

Who Can't Use It?

Patients should read the ingredient list of LATISSE and make sure they are not allergic to any ingredients, especially bimotrprost. Patients should discuss all eye problems, including glaucoma, with Dr. Sorokin during the consultation.

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Average Cost  
$125 - $200
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1 Day
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15 Minutes
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2 Months
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